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Author: Lori E. Varlotta

Lori Varlotta

Following the call to help students find their purpose

Throughout this edition, you will read stories about students, staff, faculty and alumni who are living a life of calling and purpose. Such stories illustrate what institutions like ours aim to do: “educate young adults...

Looking to the future with new projects and programs

Greetings from Thousand Oaks, where colleagues and I have spent the majority of the summer hosting a series of leadership briefings to prioritize the proposed projects and programs that emerged from last year’s...

Lori Varlotta

A faith-friendly focus on the future

The intersection where future-focused meets faith-friendly is unique in higher education. It is the special place where Cal Lutheran lives and thrives. I believe we can “own” this space by making it one of our true...

President Lori E. Varlotta Photo: Tracie Karasik

Moving forward with promising plans

Seems fitting for me to write this column on the first day of spring. Just as the season is marked by the promise of renewal and hope, so are many of the projects and events we have undertaken this year.